EET aka Esto es Tulum will transform Blue Marlin Ibiza into a mystical jungle with all the power of this Mayan city of Quintana Roo. The music will slowly begin to invite guests to immerse themselves in tribal beats and grooves, along with pre-Hispanic instruments and live voices. The intensity of the music will gradually increase with French DJ Sasson until Paax Tulum along with performers will create a unique spiritual atmosphere. 

As the sun is setting over the horizon, the duo Savage and She will start a percussion and live voice set. DJ and producer Kintar will take over with a unique sound of Afro-oriental beats joined by singer Romana and live percussions. A sunset ritual will see a shaman give the approval of the gods with copal. As evening falls, it will be the turn of DJ Javier Gonzalez to close this magical night with melodic ethnic sounds, with tuches of deep  progressive-techno. Blue Marlin Ibiza, your scene.