By Isha Sesay

Eli Rojas continues to make her mark on the scene with her signature blend of Latin, Caribbean and electronic pulsations. The Colombian DJ’s passion and dedication to music unleashes a magnetic energy in every set, and her unique talent and originality has made her a standout talent in the industry. Leading the Amazona residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza, Eli Rojas promises the finest offering of sound and mastery.

Tell us how you fell in love with electronic music?
Electronic music is the glue to mix every kind of genre. I fell in love with its unique ability to blend so well with reggae, Cumbia and salsa beats.


Your energy is simply magnetic Eli. How do you maintain such a positive outlook and energy as an artist?
Because I do what I love and what I enjoy most in life! I love to be with people and share music. It keeps me young and always with a smile on my face.


You have played a lot of gigs over the years. Have you developed any rituals before going on stage?
I thank God, the sun and the moon. The key is to always be grateful. That is my ritual – no more, no less, just giving thanks.


What has been a continuous source of inspiration for you?
My inspiration will always be Latin music and Latin America. This continent made me who I am – my look, the music I play and its incredible energy.


The connection you have with your audience is undeniable. What is it that you love most about performing?
I love seeing people dance and having the best time of their lives. I think if people come to have fun, then I must give them a good show and this is about good music, energy and vibes.


What is your musical vision for your Blue Marlin Ibiza residency this summer?
Like every summer, I want to blend classic music with new music, including my own releases. I want the audience to hear the best quality music, sound and mastering, as well as to listen to new artists.


Your favourite Blue Marlin Ibiza moment?
It will forever be the sunset. The sun is my god. It is totally magical and has so much power to be able to change the moment, scenery, light and of course, the music.


Where is music taking you?
To the top! I have had an evolution with music since the beginning. I am growing as an artist and evolving as a person – music has given me everything and is taking me to infinity.

What do you love most about Ibiza?
The energy. Its weather. I have been to so many different places in the world, but Ibiza has all that I love and that is what keeps me in love with the island.


Your life philosophy is…
The universe always conspires in my favour, amen.

Thank you God Sun for everything you have given me and for everything you have taken from me.



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