“Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.” Charles Baudelaire

Summer is upon us, Ibiza is ready to dispense its fair share of Mediterranean bliss, with picturesque coves, sugary-sanded beaches and pebbled half-moon shaped bays. From spiritual retreats to the most vibrant nightlife in the world, the good news is that on the White Isle we can spend our days beneath the sizzling sun as up-tempo or relaxed as we like.

We dedicate BMI:MAG issue #29 to sublime moments, to those who have acquired the ability to ‘extract the eternal from the ephemeral’, to find the point of contact between these two elements of reality and make them become two faces of the same dimension. Capturing beauty from the textures of everyday life is the ultimate goal. The magic of photography does exactly that, and who better than award-winning photographer Tim Flach can grace our pages with transcendent moments of nature, catching the animal world in all its wonder.

With so many great times ahead, Blue Marlin Ibiza aims to create seemingly ephemeral instants that in fact become lasting memories. We invite you to step into a world of sublime moments and live the Blue Marlin Ibiza experience, a day-to-night seafront entertainment adventure with cutting-edge music, beach life and modern Mediterranean dining.

Blue Marlin Ibiza, your scene.