Blue Marlin Ibiza’s first female head chef Diana Comas Iglesias loves perseverance and commitment. In the kitchen she applies the same focus and discipline as in high-performance sports. After dedicating her early years to competitive swimming, she attended the internationally renowned Hofmann Hospitality School in Barcelona where she learned about proportions, colours and textures and the value of hard work to reach success. At the Higher School of Hospitality of Barcelona, Diana obtained a post-graduate degree in Restaurant and Hospitality that gave her a great understanding of the importance of people skills in the kitchen, qualities that are serving her well in the role of head chef at Blue Marlin Ibiza. The key to her success is the ability of combining the discipline of an elite sportsperson with the demands of a hospitality professional. Diana brings Blue Marlin Ibiza’s modern Mediterranean cuisine on an innovative culinary journey through perseverance, passion and precision, where taste explodes on the palate in a feast for the senses.

Blue Marlin Ibiza, your scene.


Photo: Hamachi tiradito served with yellow chili sauce and passion fruit accompanied by Chalaquita vegetables