By Isha Sesay

Music has been a lifelong calling for Colombian DJ Eli Rojas. Her signature blend of Latin, Caribbean and electronic beats has the power to transport listeners to faraway lands without ever having to leave the dancefloor. Helming Blue Marlin Ibiza with a new Amazona residency, Eli Rojas will push the horizons of sound through her powerful vibrations.


What led you to become a DJ?
I was invited to a show on Radio UC called ‘A Caribbean History’ where I talked about the evolution of Reggae, selecting tracks from musical styles such as Soca, Calypso, Dub and Dubstep. From that moment on I felt that it was my duty to share my Latin culture through music.


You define your musical style as Latin Urban Groove. What has been your source of inspiration?
Growing up between Cumbia and Salsa has been a continuous source of inspiration for me and I have always wanted to be a representation of these musical genres.


Are there things outside of music that you draw inspiration from?
Everything! Nature inspires me, love, passion and life itself, just like travelling and discovering new places, cultures and music.


It’s clear that you love what you do. What keeps your passion alive?
Making people dance and creating new sensory experiences has become a pursuit that I will continue to do for as long as life will allow it.


You have a genuine relationship with your audience. How has music helped you connect with others?
That’s what music does, unites. I love connecting with my audience. When we dance and connect to the same vibration, it becomes a religious experience which makes me love what I do even more.


Where is your music taking you?
To infinity and beyond! In all honesty, as far as it wants to take me. Music is my leader and my guide, a protagonist that wants to be shared across the world.


What surprises do you have in store for your Blue Marlin Ibiza residency this summer?
This year I am excited to present my new Amazona residency which is a fresh concept that has a strong focus on Afro Latin and Tribal House. Each week I will invite renowned DJs and producers to play.


What makes the venue so special to you?
Its magical sunset overlooking the sea with the best sound system on the island. Its amazing food and drinks make Blue Marlin Ibiza a truly special place to all those that appreciate the exquisite things in life.


You love Ibiza for…
Its magical essence, climate, gastronomy and, of course, its music.


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