DJ Khenya: Poetry in Motion

By Isha Sesay

The music of DJ Khenya pulsates with rhythm and emotion. A rich mélange of sun kissed sounds that mix percussive beats with indie and deep house. The artist’s voyage to Ibiza has laid the foundation of a musical expression that communicates joy and connectivity. Taking the reins at Blue Marlin Ibiza, Khenya’s vibrations will inspire dance floor dreamers to move and let go.


What led you to become a DJ?

I was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in an environment where rhythm, dance and poetry are like the air we breathe. We have sun and salsa running through our veins. The first time I went to an electronic music party was in the early 2000’s and I remember hearing ‘The Underground’ by Celada play. It was a different Cuba and I loved it. I think from that moment something changed inside me. A seed had been planted, and life would take me in that direction.


You have travelled the world and are now based in Ibiza. How has this shaped who you are as an artist?

Travelling around the world is a privilege that every human being should have, especially an artist, because when you have these experiences you can understand different ways of life and the musicality of each place. Creativity is born from that knowledge, and I still have a lot to learn in that sense.


You began your career as a percussionist. How has the process of moving to electronic music been?

To me percussion is a union. It is happiness and synchronicity. I used to play the bongos and now my instrument is a mixer. Both need my hands, my senses, my love and have the same purpose – to create beautiful sounds that can produce movement and wonder in the listener.


You have played alongside some of the most influential names in the music industry. What impact have these experiences had?

The truth is I feel lucky. I have total admiration for them as they are a source of inspiration for me, awakening my desire to learn more every day.


What is special about the energy at Blue Marlin Ibiza?

Blue Marlin Ibiza is an experience of life. It is synonymous with the summer and has all the ingredients to feel like total bliss when you are there. The team has been like family to me and I thank them infinitely for everything.


What journey will the audience be taken on through your sets this summer?

My goal is to transmit uplifting and unforgettable sensations. My audience is what sets my heart on fire and I want them to feel my desire to make them dance.


You love Ibiza for…

There is no place in the world that makes me feel more at home than Ibiza. I love the island for its beauty and variety. It catches you as soon as you step foot onto it. It is a place full of opportunities and a destination for everyone.

by Isha Sesay


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