By Isha Sesay


Multi-talented extraordinaire Bora Uzer is spreading his magnetism across the globe through enthralling live performances. Pushing the boundaries of electronic music, the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist masters improvisation to unite audiences with his own uplifting sound. Blending mesmerising melodics with thrilling electronic strands, Bora Uzer will energise Blue Marlin Ibiza’s seafront terrace every Friday at OJO.


What led you to become an artist?

Sonics and frequencies attracted me from a very young age. It gave me a feeling of belonging to something bigger than myself. This fuelled my journey and inspired me to create music. To test my limits and ultimately become a peaceful warrior for sound.

What ignites your imagination when you are in the studio?

As an artist, traveller and person, I’ve experienced some incredible moments. When I’m in the studio, I travel back to those moments and use them as creative inspiration. Sometimes in the studio when you have an idea or a melody in your head, it’s the feelings from past experiences that can help you determine the path forward for a song

You have dedicated your life to music, studying jazz from a young age and performing at concerts with your band across the world. How has the transition into the electronic music scene been?

It has been a natural progression as I have always had the drive to evolve, to experiment and create new sounds. This latest chapter allows me to do all of those things. What’s more, I’ve done my best to fuse this new world with the live elements that excited me during my time in the band, and that has enabled me to bring a lot of creativity to my performances. Two shows are never the same.


You are also an accomplished musician, incorporating instruments into your sets to create entrancing live performances. What is your reason for this?

Live instruments add different dynamics to the performance, they add something real. It’s captivating and creates unforgettable moments. People may not remember the songs, but they always remember how you made them feel. This blend of live instrumentation and electronic music is the best way that I can deliver in these moments.


Tell us more about the concept behind your OJO residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza?

The purpose of OJO is to encourage people to look beyond what the eyes can see. It’s something that you can feel. I want people to feel elevated after an OJO event. We want to create life changing experiences for people and inspire them to be in the moment.


What journey will the audience be taken on through your music?

Those following me will know that it will always be a colourful journey. It is never one sound or one style but sonics that deliver an uplifting experience.

What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?

I’m very excited about the months ahead. I have a new team around me, we’re planning lots of exciting things with OJO and also the launch of my label. I’m excited to create this ecosystem for those that share the same vision of life and music. There are lots of exciting events and festivals coming up this summer too, and I can’t wait to get back to Blue Marlin Ibiza


Current collaborations?

Some really cool names. Let that be a surprise.


What do you love most about Ibiza?

Aside from the weather and scenic beauty, Ibiza is the one place on Earth where the sane and insane can exist together. There’s a diverse range of cultures blending in harmony.

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