‘Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide.’ Ben Okri

Spellbinding Ibiza is dubbed the ‘Magic Island’ and this cosmopolitan melting pot is much more than the beating heart of electronic music. Culture, world heritage, ancient civilizations, mystical places, legends and magnetic energy make this island a unique enclave casting an enigmatic spell.

We’ve dedicated BMI:MAG #31 to magical moments, to those who embrace life with a touch of sorcery. The ancients believed they could turn metals into gold in an almost magical process of creation, and sought a universal elixir of life using alchemical practices shrouded in mystery. Like contemporary alchemists we create magic through our pages with a host of features and interviews with extraordinary artists who possess the magic of creativity.

And as if by magic, Blue Marlin Ibiza is in full summer mode, keeping its finger on the pulse of electronic music and handpicking the finest music tastemakers to perform innovative DJ sets. In an alchemical cauldron of beats and frequencies, Blue Marlin Ibiza transports its music-savvy audience to another wavelength of sound. And by mixingday-to-night dining, beach life and music, there it is, the magical entertainment formula.

Blue Marlin Ibiza, your scene.