📯@bmimag 2023 limited edition is out! 📯

Ibiza is an island of wonderful contrasts. Cosmopolitan and innovative, yet firmly rooted in its rural authenticity. The beating heart of the electronic music world, while being the best hotspot for spiritual and wellness retreats. Bustling with contemporary artists and modern architecture, yet charmed with tradition, from artisanal crafts, whitewashed houses, and fortified churches to Punic sites, and the stunning walls of Dalt Vila World Heritage Site. We love to think of Ibiza as a multifaceted wonderland.🐬

Inspired by Ibiza’s myriad of faces, BMI:MAG 2023 Limited Edition is a journey through an imaginary wonderland, a leap down the rabbit hole buzzing with ‘impossible’ things, dedicated to those who believe in wonder. We have filled BMI:MAG pages with a visual celebration of creative imagery where art plays a big part – light installations, graphic illustrations, and captivating photography.🐬

Blue Marlin Ibiza is off to a flying start as the ultimate entertainment experience, where you can smell the sea breeze, feel the sunshine and let your soul sway to the rhythm of musical innovation. Blue Marlin Ibiza will take you to a wonderland of musical revolution and entertainment. Blue Marlin Ibiza, your scene.


Pick up your free limited edition copy at @bluemarlinibiza and the best hotspots throughout Ibiza  🌴☀️🌊🌙

Cover by @dutygorn 🎨